My Schedule as a Happiness Engineer

Every Happiness Engineer has a different type of day, schedule, tasks, etc. That’s one benefit I love so much about my position… I work when it is best for me and my family! The flexibility is very important to me, as it is lots of people.

Personally I choose to work most weekends and take weekdays off. We are homeschooling our kids this year, so it works best for us to be available to help them on weekdays. I also choose to start my work day between 5am – 6am. I like to get a few hours in before the kids wake up to start their day — and who can beat waking up and not having to get dressed before your work day starts?! I often start each day in my pj’s wrapped up in my blanket. Especially in the Winter, I am beyond thankful that my commute is downstairs to my laptop.

I really enjoy being able to work with co-workers in all time zones, Oceana/Pacific, Europe/Africa and the Americas. This early schedule has helped me to create some great relationships with Happiness Engineers all over the world.

As a Happiness Engineer we have a scheduling tool called Happy Schedule. Each week we each add in the hours that we can work for the week. We are expected to add 8 hours that we are available to work to each day, but those hours can be anytime throughout the day. They can be added all in one chunk of time or you can add some hours in the morning, some at night, etc.

After your hours are added, a Scheduler will assign you up to 6 hours of direct customer support based on when you said you were available to work. This is a mix of live chat and ticket shifts. When you are not working in support, there are other things you can do such as reading internal blogs, learning, doing some work in one of our many Guilds that you can join, etc.

Not only do you add the hours that you want to work each week, you also add your 2 chosen days off to each week. Every 4 weeks you are expected to work up to 2 weekend days, but you get to choose which weekend days and when on those days you want to work. When you want to take vacation, a sick day, a holiday day off, etc., that can also be requested through the same tool.

In the Summer, I will often work split shifts on weekdays and weekends. I put in 4 hours in the morning and then spend the afternoon at the beach enjoying the sun. I then come home, make supper and work my remaining 4 hours. In the Winter season, I tend to work more of a condensed schedule to be off in the late afternoon / evenings. I like changing it up depending on what is going on in life, the weather, how I feel, etc. You can work a different schedule each week if that is something that you desire or the same hours every day all year, totally up to you!

Having a larger family makes flexibility so important to me. I really like that I can work my schedule around my life. It makes taking the kids to appointments, traveling and other activities hassle free! Working from home is amazing.

You can never be lonely either since we communicate through a program called Slack and you always have co-workers to reach out to to talk about your day, your life, ask questions to, etc. And the amount you will learn about other cultures is endless! Did I mention you can work from anywhere? All you need is your laptop and the internet.

Does this sound like a position you would love? My husband Sandy wrote a blog a few years back that really can take you through what you need to know / do to become a Happiness Engineer. Check it out!

We are hiring right now, so take a look at some more info on becoming a Happiness Engineer! You can read find instructions for applying here.

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