FAQ: Happiness Engineers And Flexibility

Automattic powers many sites worldwide with its large assortment of products, so our support team is available every day of the week to best serve our customers. But what does that mean for our Happiness Engineers’ schedule? Q: What does a typical workday look like for Happiness Engineers? Generally, a Happiness Engineer’s workday consists of eight work hours, six of which are typically spent working … Continue reading FAQ: Happiness Engineers And Flexibility

My Schedule as a Happiness Engineer

Every Happiness Engineer has a different type of day, schedule, tasks, etc. That’s one benefit I love so much about my position… I work when it is best for me and my family! The flexibility is very important to me, as it is lots of people. Personally I choose to work most weekends and take weekdays off. We are homeschooling our kids this year, so … Continue reading My Schedule as a Happiness Engineer

Happiness Around the World

We believe in support as a career at Automattic, and only hire for the role as a full-time position. The work of engineering happiness spans weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Our users all over the world have questions at all times of day (and night!) and they like getting answers right away! How do we make it work, and still maintain our culture of flexibility and … Continue reading Happiness Around the World

A work schedule of flexible predictability

Working remotely at Automattic means you set your own schedule. This does not mean you can decide on a whim when to work and when not to work (sorry, mom). Instead, you have full authority to choose your working hours, as long as you do so with at least 2 weeks notice. This allows us to offer consistent live chat coverage, while still keeping a … Continue reading A work schedule of flexible predictability