Team Meetups — How We Create Productive Face-To-Face Time

In a traditional office, you’re in the same place 48 weeks out of the year, and you might have 3 or 4 weeks where you’re not together. We try to flip that. So we come together in short intense bursts. The primary goal is connecting people. We want to make sure everyone is aligned and on the same page, and that they have a deeper … Continue reading Team Meetups — How We Create Productive Face-To-Face Time

Engineering Happiness as a parent

We often hear about the benefits of remote/distributed work as being able to travel the world and work from anywhere with an internet connection. Something I feel that needs prominence would be how this can help when you have a “caretaker” type role – for me, this is as a parent, but it isn’t limited to just that. My journey to working at Automattic accelerated due to … Continue reading Engineering Happiness as a parent

Unusual schedules as a Happiness Engineer

Having flexibility in your job is awesome, but with flexibility comes responsibility. Not only in the work itself but also in our daily lives, having a balance between your personal and work activities. Working at home implies there is no physical boundary between your work and personal life. In an office, you might be able to leave work behind when you exit the office, but … Continue reading Unusual schedules as a Happiness Engineer

The Trial

My legs were still trembling after the second interview when I received an email with these words: We would like to advance you to the next stage in our interview process, the trial. I’m a rather reserved person, but that day I was literally jumping for joy. I did it! I made it to the trial! I couldn’t contain my happiness. But when the excitement … Continue reading The Trial

Meet a Happiness Engineer: Hari Shanker

Hari Shanker is a Happiness Engineer from India who’s helping WooCommerce customers build incredible stores. He’s 100% engaged with the local WordPress community in Cochin, and brings all of his passion and empathy to the rest of the world as well. He loves the equal opportunity available at Automattic. No matter the language you speak or the color of your skin you can make a … Continue reading Meet a Happiness Engineer: Hari Shanker

Working as a nomad

Nomad, remote worker, digital nomad, location independent – there are many different terms for it nowadays! Whatever you want to call it, it’s the lifestyle I lead and I am lucky enough that as a Happiness Engineer with Automattic I’m able to work from anywhere! Over the past 4 years, I’ve lived, worked, and traveled to 33 different countries – I started out traveling as … Continue reading Working as a nomad