Learning from unhappy customers

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates At Automattic, we aim to offer world-class support. We want to be known for offering the best experience to our customers. Internally, Happiness Engineers encourage each other to “engineer the happiness” of our customers. This isn’t always easy — sometimes people reach out to us when they’re struggling with their site, their … Continue reading Learning from unhappy customers

How to make customers happy

Our very own Happiness Engineer, Davor Altman, was recently interviewed by bluegrid.io about customer happiness. How do Happiness Engineers at Automattic approach customer service and make customers as happy as possible? It comes down to one indispensable word – empathy. I believe that being able to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and feel how they feel is the most important thing to have if … Continue reading How to make customers happy