Increasing Our Happiness with Cats and Dogs in the Office

Working from home doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, many Automatticians have pets to keep them company during the work day. Supporting customers gets a little easier when you have furry companions like these to make you smile during the most unexpected moments. This month we invited our Happiness Engineers to share how having pets around improves their work day.

“Mostly my pets ignore me – but on occasion it’s nice to have Mojo (our dog) curl up under the desk.”

– Jayden, Happiness Engineer in Australia,

Working for a distributed company comes with the added benefit of creating your very own “corner office” outfitted with all the things you enjoy and make a workday better – yes, even having a dog taking a nap under your desk! Talk about the perfect coworkers!

White Pomeranian puppy named Snow.
Snow – His first day at home.

I have a fluffy Pomeranian that is 4 months old – He is always under my desk, next to my feet. Definitely makes my mornings less lonely as I’m the first one to get up in the morning. He always follows me around.

– Laura S., Happiness Engineer in Spain,

Finch just behind my chair, so I can’t leave my desk 🙂

I have two dogs. They particularly lift my mood toward the end of the day when it is close to their dinner time. My border collie will come up and push my arm up into the air whilst I’m typing, making it difficult not to laugh (and also difficult to type!). He’ll also lie down somewhere right next to the chair so I can’t move.

– Karen A., Happiness Engineer in Scotland,

Sophie enjoying her desk bed.

Sophie spends the entire day keeping me company. When I’m at my desk, she is relaxing either on my washcloth-covered laptop, or on her kitty bed perched on the corner of the desk. When I’m working from my couch, she is either on curled up my legs or squished under my arm, with her paw outstretched across me.

She makes my days infinitely better, and is the best pandemic companion I could have hoped for!

– Kathryn P., Happiness Engineer in Canada,

Yes, my chihuahua mix Nica (pictured above) improves my workday. Every morning I say, “time to go work Nica!” She joins me in my office in her office bed, where she spends most of the day snoozing with her fox.

She is the best office companion. Any time I need a quick screen break, she’s there for a cuddle. We also get to enjoy morning, afternoon, and evening walks, which are very important when you’re sitting at your desk most of the day.

I can’t imagine not having her with me all the time, and I’m so grateful to have a job where she can be with me everyday. She also makes people smile when she’s in the background of my Zoom calls!

– Sasha S., Happiness Engineer in USA,

I have a cat! He makes my day interesting (when he tries to bite through my things), he makes it adorable (when he falls asleep next to my keyboard) and he also makes my days warm and lovely (when he falls asleep on my lap).

– Samantha H., Happiness Engineer in Peru,

Working from home makes it so much easier to indulge my dog obsession. I currently have a 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Murphy) and am indefinitely fostering a 5-year-old Anatolian Shepherd/Lab mix (Binx). I’ve heard that working remotely can get lonely, but I’ve never experienced that with my fur babies being here with me all day! And there’s no better way to clear your mind mid-day than taking the dog for a walk in the fresh air. Dogs (and cats!) with remote worker parents are some seriously spoiled babies.

– Missy S., Happiness Engineer in USA, WooCommerce

Sweet tiny kittens sleeping! 🙂

I have a big family of cats. 3 cats and 5 kittens, to be precise. They’re sweet companions during my work hours, and keep me happy during a long work day. I’m so grateful that I can work from home so I get the chance to take care of them during breaks or after work hours.

– Rina, Happiness Engineer in Indonesia,

Are you interested in working in customer support for a distributed company? You can read more about the Happiness Engineer role and find instructions for applying here.

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