So You Want to be a Happiness Engineer, Huh?

As I’ve been vocal with my friends, family, and anyone who would listen about my career at Automattic I ended up having a lot of people asking me about what it takes to be a Happiness Engineer and if it is something they could do. Most of the time I would give them a quick description and could usually tell by their reaction if they wanted to hear more. As I’ve written a fair amount on my blog before this about the role, I’d have people contacting me who I didn’t know. Finally, I decided that I’d take my time and write everything out to make sure I had a reasonably complete picture of what it takes that I could share with people.

Since joining Automattic (and to the annoyance of some people, I’m sure) I tend to go on about how much I enjoy my job and the company itself. I’ve often been asked what it takes and what you need to know to get the job. Especially since I called people to join me in my last post, I thought I would put together my thoughts and some resources which I can point people to or they can hopefully find through searching online as well.

I’m going to go a bit further and not only talk about what you need to do to get the job, but what I think you need to be successful in the Happiness Engineer role at Automattic. Please note that there are a lot of points here and you don’t have to be an expert in all of them to apply, but having a good understanding from a combination of them would be good.

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  1. I know that this post is a few months old, but thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I recently discovered the Happiness Engineer and I am simply obsessed. I’m currently reviewing the resources that you provided before applying, so wish me luck! I’m so nervous because I would love to be part of this amazing team.

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